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This link collection is not meant to be as large as possible, but these are sites I often visit in relation to my modelling work.

Personal pages:

-A lot of information on building finescale models in 0-scale. Extremely well built models. Text mostly in Danish.

-Producer of Swedish narrow gauge equipment in 0-scale. Nice site, lot of pictures. Text in English.

-Pages in French on building an 0-scale layout based on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Lots of pictures.

-American finescale in H0 (Proto87). Nice switching layout.

-Lots of info on layout based on Räthische Bahn. Lots of pictures, text in English.

-Norwegian MJ´s grand old man. Lots of stuff, text in Norwegian.

-Another Frenchman, bad English (look whos talking...) excellent models.

-Colorado Narrow Gauge in 0n3

-Japanese modeller who builds industrial railroads in O16,5 narrowgauge. Downloadable model drawings and paper models.

Clubs and Societies:

-Swedish Society of narrow gaugers. Publishes a really nice magazine.

-French finescale site. All scales. Text in french, but lot of pictures.

-Excellent narrow gauge modelling in HOn3. Swedish protoypes, lots of pictures and information on the site. English text.

-Legendary Swedish 0-scale club.

-Best modelling around. Its a must to visit this museum in person!


-The standard bearer of Narrow Gauge. Nuff said!

-Virtual magazine that publishes in PDF. German language.


- General modelling discussion board in Norwegian.

- Swedish discussion board focused on Narrow gauge.

Shops and manufacturers

-The company specialises in kits of uncompromised quality and unparalleled accuracy and encompasses a number of different subsidiaries, each with its own speciality

-Swedish distibutor of goldsmith tools and supplies. Quality of the products is variable.

-Scratchbuilding supplies. Brass profiles, brass rivets etc. Large selection, good sevice. Catalogues in PDF-format. Accepts VISA.

-To state that Walthers has a large selection is quite an understatement! Reliable service.

-Resistant soldering equipment at reasonable prices and excellent quality. Reliable service.

-Excellent selection of tools for modellers. Many spcial tools for medel railroaders. Reliable service

-Large selection aimed at professional model builders. Both webshop and "brick and mortar" shop (London)

-Commercial etching company used by many producers of etched kits.

-Very professional etching company. Other services like laser-cutting as well. Excellent service.

-Nice selection of detail parts and complete models. Their speciality is farm tractors.

-Etched kits of Scandinavian prototypes. Large selection, plenty of narrow gauge. Scratchbuilding supplies. Reliable mailorder. Mostly H0, some 0.

-Exclusive brass models in HO/H0n3. Scratchbuilding parts

-My preferred supplier of scale wood. The best scale lumber I have tried. Webshop.

-Unfortunately no webpages. Makes workin "norwegian couplers" in 0. Brass detail parts and etched kits in 0 scale ng.

Write to: Erik Walde, Vretahagsvägen 17, 633 69 Eskiltuna

-No web, but fascinating products. Hex nuts and bolts in machined brass (Not castings!). Excellent for casting masters and superdetailing. I placed my order by fax.

Nolte, Schönfeldstr. 11
D-32049 Herford
Tlf: 0049 52211 83432
Fax: 0049 52211 85680

-Proxxon machine tools and Faulhaber motors. Norwegian company

-Cheap tools, large selection, sometimes of questionable quality.

-A bit more expencive than Biltema. Maybe generally of somewhat higher quality.


-Plenty of English exhibition layouts.

-Australian modelling that holds a high quality. Some of this modelling has been featured in NGSLG. Reccomended.


Non-train models

-Armour modelling. Inspiring painting and weathering.

-Collector models of all kinds, including trains in 1:32. Check out the 500 pictures of the Titanic model in 1:48! This page is loaded with pictures!